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Share a link here of your favourite poem/s, which you have written or a poem written by a fellow poet. Or both! A poem/s which may have moved you, or are close to your heart. A poem, you thought about, long after you finished reading it. I will repost all links. As you … Continue reading

Thames Twilight-by Kim 

The very talented Kim from Writing in North Norfolk, with the beautiful poem Thames Twilight.

I’m Yours: Response to Tides vs Waves

What a sweet poem from wife to husband. What strikes me, about this poem is how real it is, an authentic and true account of marriage! xxx

Dialogue from the Depths

Response to Tides vs Waves

Yes, my friend, I must agree
There’s nothing better than poetry
To soften my heart, and allow me to hear
All the things you’ve shared on the blogosphere

Firstly I’d like to let you know
Just how much I love you so
And appreciate all your determination
To fine-tune our hearts to the same ‘station’

Your message is simple and yet so deep
And yes, I am open, and yet I still weep
But the tears are those of being so moved
By the love and the care you so much infuse

I am sorry for my part in the misunderstandings
And I also feel sure that our awareness is expanding
We are learning so much, as we continue to flourish
Weve weathered the storms and revealed great courage

I too am so happy with how close weve…

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I am

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PIECE. Written by Rita, at Oeuvre and Out. It blew my socks off, so to speak.
A tribute to all women, strong, passionate, formidable, generous and so much more.
‘I am all of this and yet dust in the wind
I am your woman.’ XXX