Iron Maiden

In snow peaks,
Mountains of capped tears,
Flow and ebb downstream,
Bear paws printed in feathery white,
Pearls and smoky skies,
Wolves tramp, coyotes cry, eagles fly,
She in fox fur and black boots,
Iron and steel,
Leather straps and bow and arrow ached,
Crimson red spills,
Soaks the powdered fields,
She an iron maiden,
A warrior of the highlands.

Snow Fairy

A touch of snow, Tiptoes lightly, Across the brow, Of ruffled fringe, Tangled and cold, The tears weep, Down my cheek, Shaping crystals, Of icy droplets, In this moment, Of physical beauty, Of time beyond reproach, Of eyes lingering on … Continue reading

Astrila Night Sky

Drops of heaven fall, dancing like fireflies in the astrila night sky, swoop to the lips of love, taste on the tongue, the rawness of breath. Words form clouds in the air, carry away, beneath the moon, a lovers wish comes true.