Little Wax Museum

Black puddle, Spilling – Pooling and drying, Like a little wax museum, Safe sex and art class, All the kids, want to get high – acid fumes and trips to the other side,  Punk rock and Goth, Tarnish the sheets … Continue reading

Black Coffee Hipster


Black coffee lyrics,
Grinding and grating,
Nicotine lungs,
Staining teeth,
A coma of purple sponge,
A façade of expression,
Melted melodies and grunge,

Tables of artists, writers and musicians,
Sipping from their porcelain cup,
Lost in floral and jam,
Little by little,
Shy hearts,
Covet fame,
Clarence writes his name,
Across the doorframe,
Luella in an oversized hat, inked in tats,
Guthrie in blackout, beats on the drum,
A shanty
Of the hipster,
Posing at one.

What are we afraid of? 

On my morning run, passing people, I would say hello. The passes by would look at me as if I was going to rob them. I thought they were going to jump into the bushes; like I gave them a fight. Now I’m not a very scary person. I’m only quite small. It was early morning, and I did roll out of bed, and out the door. But hey I had sunglasses on. It just amazes me, how people are so closed off in our world. What are we afraid of?

It was a beautiful morning on the lake


It was a beautiful morning on the lake