Impasse-A collaboration with A Standard Issued Life

What an honour it is, to have your poetry turned into music. The talented Matt at A Standard Issued Life, did just that. My poem Impasse, is now a song. Please have a listen and head over to A Standard Issued … Continue reading

With Beauty

With beauty,
Of gold,
In the eyes like autumn leaves,
And the way you look at me,
A sideway glance,
A tilt of the head,
A lopsided smile,

I don’t think she knows,
How surreal she is,
How her beauty leaves me in fated breath,
Lost in her chocolate coloured hair,
The curls twine around my hands,
The scent of lavender and poppy seed overwhelms my heart,
Her lips of rosy buds,
To kiss,

What does she want from me?
Is she lost in the chaos of life?
Is she missing out?
Drifting beside me, through life,
Does she know how beautiful she really is?

Angelic, so daunting to a rugged man,
In time, I will show you,
Who I really am,
If you fall through my hands,
I’ll never love like this again.

Inspired by:

A Little Drop Of Heaven



The heavens harp strings,
Played a mellow song,
Beating softly to the sound of our love,
The skies an open arch,
Romancing the wings of my heart,

Time is lost,
When I look into your eyes,
A depth of gold,
A bronzed antique brooch,

A thousand and one, floral flowers,
Scented on your wrist,
The clasp of your hand within mine,

A whisper of wind,
Drifting my name across day and night,
Sweetly, sensuously from lips of fine wine,
To tease your mouth,
Till you cry,

Our breath vying against our passion,
In your arms,

My hearts star,
My love you are,
A little drop of heaven.

Copyright J Calvert 2015