She Seeks The Sun

Seeking out the sun,
Behind clouds of cottony sponge,
Neck bent upwards,
Searching the skies of indigo lines,
Shapes of contorted billows,
Hazy and misty spaces of dreams,
Opaque and milky sleep,
She runs her fingers across the empty space,
In-between reality and dreams,
Poly green eyes,
Leaves of fallen breath,
She seeks the sun,
Face basking in the light,
Her dreams brought to life.

We Found Love On The Crescent Of The Moon

We balance on the edge of the moon. Hanging on to the groove. clinging to the crescent, hoovering above in a static space. Fingertips of thread, slip and fall, plummet into the solar system. We leave our fear with the stars, face the sun, blinded by love. We dance in the sky, sing in the light of the moon, bask in the dawn. Tomorrow is anew. We found love on the crescent of the moon.

A Place Lovers Understand

loverskissIn one soft breath,

She took his hand,

Lead him to a place,

Only they understand,

In this place there where two,

Infused into one,

They bleed their love,

Showered in the sun,

They saw the stars and the moon above,

In this place they knew love.