Transcend Time

In the night, As dusk settles over the tides, She moves in ease across time, The past, the present, the future transcend, She trails in existence, Neither here, nor there, Absent in the chimera, Of no tomorrow, In eternal grace, … Continue reading

Halls Of Disdain

White Flowing Dress

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Blinded by this place we call fate,

I wait,

It couldn’t be further away,

The unknown beats on my brain,

It will happen in providence,

The words descend,

On ears of deafness,

Not catching,

Words are useless,

In this place,

In between,

Of no time or reality,

I wait in vain,

Wander the halls of disdain,

In baited breathe,

In white flowing stress,

I will wait for you.

A Moment Lost In Time

I try to look away, you take me by surprise, the crowd surrounds, people bustle by, the chaos overwhelms. The room is suddenly silent, your presence holds my eye, the noise is lost on you, I’m lost in you. In a moment this time will pass, the crowd enclose. I’ll lose you from my sight. This night will be just another moment lost in time.image