Tell Me Lies

vintage girl

Bribe my heart,

Lie to my face,

Do what you will to make me stay,

Wash the deception down the drain,

Fabricate the truth,

Make me stay,

Honey I can’t live this way,

In reality my soul exists in pain,

My eyes are blinded by grief,

My ears deaf to the sounds you speak,

I’d rather turn the other way,

Find my truth another day.

The Perfect Little Lie,


The perfect little lie,

Slips from my lips,

Flows easily,

So true it feels,

I believe it myself.

Bound In Lies

LadyCovered in secrets, bound in lies, don’t know which story to hide. These invisible words hold me to you, more power in the concealed then the truth. In the life of reality I’m lost in this state of lies. The web I’ve created is tangled, I can not escape.