Ruffled Wings


I’ll undo the little threads
Fitted to my skin
Unfold each softly twined strand,
Let my wings reside in flutter
Behind my shoulders
In shades of copper
trimmed with gold
The scent of lilies float,
over a pond of fronds
and branches fold
under slippers wove in silk
and ribbon ties loop
Ruffled wings
Of feathers and plumes
In tangled array
Tethering me to this place
Like draperies unbridled
To reveal
The gentle pleats of flight.


Little by Little

  Little by little She withers away The light in her eyes Fades Like a flower, Petals droop Under the weight Of the densely –packed blooms and seasons end, The sun shelters behind the rain and treetops gather the fallen, … Continue reading


Dripping wet

Suspended in misty throws

Of tinted blue

and shaded sun

The scent of rain mingled with black diamond bells

The chisel of the trunk deep-rooted,

marked a hundred years old,


Tainted by the woods,


Wings discoloured,
Breathing laboured,

Bruised ankles

and swollen limbs

The ground tough on bare feet

Carving tattoos in red-ink,

Moths of grey and dull

Flitter above her nose

Little lightshades

A veil to protect the face

A velvet ribbon drawn behind her waist

Tying the threads of the day

Tethering between the early mornings of May.