Skeleton Walking

Strip back the skin Slip into oblivion Open the cavity of my blackened heart Void Pulsating in throbbing hands Alive, but dead within the shell – The red ink spills Warm the liquid runs Through fingers and limbs and broken … Continue reading


  Bad art and broken hearts, Blemishes on the canvas, Figurines and Dancing Queens, Mocked up and decked out, Patterns and shapes, Faces without names, Statues idolised, All the pretty little girls, And shy boys, In vignette, Vine Leaves and … Continue reading

Vanity’s Hollow Dreams

Peeking out the window, Rectangular, Little cracks run deep, Etch the glass, like little scars, Engrained in my heart, Fragmented shards, Gripping my reflection, Twisting the image, Echoing the dimensions, The face staring back at me, Unknown, Lines and broken … Continue reading