A Call To Arms

A call to arms,
My heart;
Hostile in the dark.
As the sun beacons
Summons the grave
of darkness,
The moon regains
composed in the depth of night,
Upside down; like a bat of navigation
My insides sign with articulation,
A skeleton to breathe against the grating battle-cry
Eloped in time stood still,
Forever merging with the ghosts of Halidon Hill.

J.Calvert 2016

A Field Of Bones



A field of bones,
Scattered across the plains,
Skulls and skeletons,
A thorn spine,
And needle,
Pierce my side,
Blood coils in the sun,
Ashes dot the wind,
Cinders spun,
Of plains of mighty dust,

A village,
Of war-torn distress,
Remnants of a town,
The shell of houses, scorched,
Desolate in the wake.
The silence of this place,
Haunting, the ghosts who stay,
Frames and corpses,
Chiselled to the core,
A field of bones,
Left to settle the score,

A flower grew, in the harshest of conditions,
Under the burning sun,
Among the skulls of the unsung,
A red bloom, of lonely plight,
To dazzle this horrible sight,
Growing more beautiful by the day,
Showering herself with the sun’s rays,
This little floret, nurtured by the elements,
Cultivated the plains,
Amid the field of bones,
Flourished tiny buds of red.


Lieber, mama und papa

Sam at Starlit Octave Band, shared a beautifully written and heartfelt poem with us, on my leave a poetry link. I’m a bit of a history nerd, and I especially find ww2 interesting. So this poem moved me. Enjoy!

The Starlit Octave Band

Hello Bloggers, for today’s writing, I selected a strange topic, maybe it touched me so hard that I had to write it up.A soldier is any army doesn’t know what he fights for, except that he fights to save his people, and what motivates them is the battle cry that their officers say.I am not racist, I’m not a fanatic. So, I don’t want any hate comments here, please you must understand, that all art no matter how big or small has a beauty in it, one to has have an eye to see it.

But I wrote today, a letter to a mourning mother and father, as their dead son who served  in the 12th army of the Deutschen Reich as a decorated officer and died with valor.

PS. I do not speak German,(But I would love to one day), so all the texts here in German are translated using Google Translating…

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